Disabled & Easy Access Bathrooms

easy access bathrooms for disabled or elderly personsWe understand that there are a many options available to you or a family member who is starting to experience some mobility issues or no longer feel safe getting in and out of your current bath or shower.

Everyone’s needs are completely different and we always advise using a free home survey so we can assist in finding the best solution for you, whether that is just replacing the bath or considering a full bathroom makeover, but here we aim to highlight some of the benefits of each option

If you would like more advice or information, please contact us and we will be happy to come and see you to discuss your needs and provide a no obligation quote

We’ve highlighted the main areas that are available to your below.

Walk In Shower

  • Can be enjoyed standing or sitting down.
  • Quicker than running a bath, you can just pop in the shower if you are in a hurry.
  • Wheelchair or carer accessible with a wide variety of door options – ideal for those using mobility aids.
  • Ultra-low trays which make getting in and out, safe and secure especially when grab rails are used.
  • A huge variety of sizes including bath replacement, corner and compact showers, so there is something to suit most bathroom layouts.
wet rooms for easy access

Wet Rooms

  • Floor level access for unobstructed movement in and out offering added reassurance.
  • Can be enjoyed standing or sitting down.
  • Slip-resistant floor tiling available in a wide choice of attractive colours and mosaics.
  • Ideal for wheelchair for mobility aid users as the wet room floor is the same level as your bathroom.
  • Must be installed by a professional so the bathroom remains leak free.
  • Ideal for a main bathroom or en-suite.
walk in baths

Walk In Bath

  • All baths have been designed to fit the variations of a standard British home. We can provide baths that have doors on either side or even on the end.
  • You can still use an overhead shower and added screen or curtain to maintain the convenience of a traditional shower.
  • All baths can offer a number of optional extras to add that touch of luxury, including Spa therapy, Chromotherapy or a CosyWarm heated seat.
  • If you have limited mobility but still prefer a relaxing soak, powered seats with leg lift are available to raise and lower you into the bath in complete safety.
  • Baths are available either full length so you can lie back or in more compact models, sit in, ideal where mobility problems may hinder you from fully reclining.

Contact us today to see how we can give you your very own Dream Bathroom.

Installing easy access and disabled bathrooms throughout Plymouth. You can be sure our team will always provide a professional service and leave your home as tidy as we found it, along with a shiny new bathroom to suit.